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Florida Golden Times

It's been a nice off season in my neck of the woods in Illinois (despite the occasional cabin fever/no sunshine days). I spent a lot of my time reflecting about 2016 and what my hopes are for Katie Scarlett Photography in 2017. Making a career out of your passion is so many things… At least it’s has been for me these past 3 years. It’s been my sense of purpose, creative outlet, social connector, my driving force. It’s also been my biggest self-critique, exhausting and emotionally draining venture. Here’s the dirty side of making your passion your career, just that, it becomes a job. Burning out was always a GINORMOUS fear of mine, because having a business requires so much self-drive and it isn’t always easy to maintain. I can’t lie and say I haven’t had moments where I’ve questioned myself to the point of almost extinction, but all those negative feelings would be erased as soon as I took a photo that meant something to myself or to someone.

It’s been out of this world to meet so many amazing people and share fantastically unique moments with each of them. Having just a sneak peek in someone’s world, whether it be everyday life, special events that took so much care and sweat to plan, growing babies who turn into little people more and more every time I get see them, it’s all been about capturing love. So if I can wish for anything for 2017, it’s that I’ll get to spend time with lots of people (hopefully in lots of places!), share a slice of their world and be a witness to their life so that they can rejoice in lasting memories.

Another wish (a more personal one) is that I spend more time capturing my life to share as well! That was one thing I certainly learned in 2016! So here are some photos from Jacksonville, Florida in early February. Cheers!

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