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I love color. I think that's one of the truest things about my style and who I am. I believe whimsy is real and sometimes magic gets frozen for us to enjoy forever and ever. The perfect memories that happen between moments and blinks. Anytime I get to photograph someone I feel so connected to my inner passion and my love for eternalizing special points in time. I especially enjoy spending time with the people I photograph.

Each and every one of your photos are edited to reflect not just how the situation looks, but more importantly how it feels. I take care to make each and every image colorful, lovely and timeless.

My mom raised me in a world full of beautiful things: kalediscopes, stained glass windows, mismatched antique china, costume jewelry, chandeliers, and many other luminous trinkets.  (photos coming soon). As a collector, she  would scoop me out of bed as a kid and plop me in the backseat to go on garagesale/flea market/antique store adventures, and boy do I have some stories... Anywho she has found the coolest things over the years and has passed that thrill of the find hobby to me! So I always bring cool props and ideas to your shoot. My mom is a collector of antques, but I am a collector of moments.

I hope I get to meet you and help make your fleeting moments last forever!

10 things about me


1. I'm slightly hopeless when it comes to romance.


2. Soup is my favorite food. Seriously. I could eat it all the time everyday.


3. I use natural light and lensflares as much as possible. Straight magic!


4. I'm obsessed with the details. I want to capture them all.


5. Where there is love, there is magic. Where there is magic, there is an amazingly awesome memory waiting to be captured.


6. Photography is really all I have ever wanted to do. My husband is my second shooter sometimes!


7. I'm never happier than when I'm behind the lens.


8. My first camera was given to me by my aunt. It was a pink Barbie disposable.


9. I'm an ambivert


10. I probably want to take your picture right now. Yes you. You reading this!


My   Style

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