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Just some days in the life.


Lately I've been challenging myself to take more personal photos, and the trick is that I can't edit them! So they aren't perfect, color is off sometimes but I love the moments even still. These were all taken over this last weekend, Memorial Day 2019! I hear on a daily basis, before we had Fiona and just about whenever we run into wiser folks at the grocery market, "they grow up too quick". I had an idea this was going to be true, because I've watched my nieces grow up into beautiful and strong young women. BUT HOLY SHIT, watching your OWN kid is so different! I blinked guys and Fiona is over one years old. (14 months as of yesterday but I'm not one of those my babe is 2652 months old people I swear...hehehe) Anywho, I feel this overwhelming wave to document Fiona, but days move fast and sometimes life is overwhelming and I pick up some toys, or get the next meal ready instead of just sitting back and picking up my camera. And the freedom I'm giving myself to not spend extra time editing them feels really fun and liberating!

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